About Fishhawk Fisheries

Since the inception of Fishhawk Fisheries in 1982, the company continues to produce sustainable fisheries products from the Pacific West Coast. Salmon, Dungeness Crab, Albacore Tuna, Pacific Shrimp, White Sturgeon, and a variety of ocean rockfish provide a mainstay of consumer seafood products. Fishhawk distributes fresh, frozen and canned items throughout the United States and International markets by truck, air, and U.S. mail.

Year-round operations center is in Astoria, Oregon; the lifelong home of the company founder, Steve Fick. Seasonal operations occur in Kenai, Alaska. Steve’s career experiences involve all aspects of the seafood industry. Fishing boats, processing operations, quality control (QC), sales, product development, management, and resource advocacy which all create a unique insight to the industry. Fishhawk will always focus on quality over quantity, to assure the finest seafood to meet our customers highest expectations. A select group of fishermen trained in proper seafood handling deliver to Fishhawk’s buying stations and direct to the plant’s dock to assure freshness. Under approved HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) guidelines, Fishahawk’s employees process these products daily in compliance with state and federal standards. This reassures safe seafood for your consumption.

Fishhawk Fisheries, Inc. supports artisanal fisheries, both locally and nationally, which allows for more diversity and equitable access to sustainable natural resources. Fishhawk Fisheries, Inc. supports the social fabric of our community, both financially and by individual partnerships, focusing in education, social and natural resource issues.

As part of the 1.2 million seafood employers, we thank you for your support and wish you well enjoying the nation’s seafood.

Astoria Fishing in the Past ...

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Commercial fishing and processing has been a big part of the Oregon Coast's history since the 1860s. Canneries packaged and shipped fresh-caught salmon in Astoria, Tillamook Bay, Yaquina Bay, and Gold Beach. Commercial fishing became one of the top industries in Oregon by the turn of the 20th century, supplying the world with bounties of crab, black cod, halibut, albacore, pink shrimp, rockfish, and, of course, salmon to distributors and fresh seafood markets on the West Coast and beyond.

Astoria, by 1881 the largest town on the Oregon coast, had become the center of the canning industry which continued booming until the mid-twentieth century. There were 39 salmon canneries along the Columbia River and other coastal rivers at the height of the canning industry.

You can still find some of that rich tradition in every can of Fishhawk canned seafood! Visit our Online Shop and enjoy some for yourself!

Fishhawk Today ...

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Laura NowlandLaura Nowland
19:40 26 Feb 21
I used to can my own tuna, but no longer able. I purchased both salmon and tuna; best canned seafood! I make the drive to Astoria just to purchase from them. I won't eat any other canned tuna or salmon.
TJ HumeTJ Hume
19:46 11 Sep 18
Great people who know what's going on and fair prices.
Emmett CruverEmmett Cruver
18:48 15 Jul 18
greatest and freshest seafood i have been lucky enough to experience. part of the reason i even moved to astoria
David McGarryDavid McGarry
17:55 01 Mar 16
Just ate a can of your "Albacore Tuna" about as close to fresh caught canned tuna I have ever tasted...David David/ Albany Oregon
Mary ThomasMary Thomas
21:06 09 Sep 13
My friend, Jenny and I can tuna every summer and the people here go above and beyond. Thank you all for the best fish experience. Nice doing business with people who care.