Pacific Distillers

Astoria, Oregon is fast becoming world-famous for more than its spectacular fishing and timber industries. Its many fine craft beer and boutique spirits is now joined by one of the oldest, most respected names in Clatsop County. Steve Fick introduces Pacifick Distillers Fishhawk Fleet Spirits and a soon to be launched new public distillery, bringing a uniquely 'Astorian' experience to visitors from around the world.

Built in an old warehouse with extensive hand-crafted purpleheart and copper fixtures and a large classic bar, reminiscent of the old west, Pacifick Distillers will surely create many great memories for all who visit!

Pacifick Distillers is planned to open to the public in Summer 2022. Stay tuned for more details!

Fishhawk Fisheries - Pacifick Distillers Building
Pacifick Distillers, on the Riverwalk in Astoria, Oregon